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Hey there, I’m Jenny. Most days you can find me at Colorado Beauty RN helping others feel more confident and radiant. I’m a wife to my hunky husband Brad and a mom to three hilarious daughters. I’m a registered nurse, makeup junkie, lover of fashion, research guru, and a woman who wants to look and feel her best. I change my hair cut and style all the time,  will do anything to avoid cooking, and watch way too much of the Real Housewives. 

I believe that non-surgical treatments (just like a new outfit or haircut) can help you feel great from the inside out. Who doesn’t want to feel more confident and beautiful? I love to share the latest and greatest techniques with patients and other injectors. The more artistic and safe injectors we have, the better! All procedures are performed by me, aesthetic nurse Jenny Garland, RN under the supervision of medical director Dr. Aubrey Copeland, MD.



Hello everyone! I’m Ana, the Practice Administrator at Colorado Beauty RN. Some of you may have noticed that sometimes you get an answer from me when you contact Jenny, so I wanted to quickly introduce myself. Though I physically spend my days in New York, I am really in Castle Rock, CO helping Jenny with the day to day operations of Colorado Beauty RN (isn’t the internet great?). Most importantly, I get to interact with you and help accommodate your requests and/or answer questions you may have. I am so happy to be working with you all and look forward to helping you feel your best!


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