It May Be Time to Think About Lip Treatments

Image Credit:  FreePik

Image Credit: FreePik

If you’re like us, beauty is high on your list of priorities. You know that obtaining a flawless appearance goes well beyond make-up and a great hairstyle. Regular maintenance and care is an important step to keeping your skin healthy and glowing. Enhancement treatments like facials and chemical peels can also be an effective way to reduce blemishes. Oftentimes, patients focus on hiding flaws in the face since it’s typically the first to show signs of aging or stress. Thankfully, many medical-grade skincare treatments and products are specifically designed to target the face and can help hide blemishes and maintain healthy skin in order to achieve a bright and beautiful complexion!

In fact, non-surgical services are becoming increasingly popular among celebrities, beauty gurus, and maybe even your neighbor, thanks to incredible results with little downtime. Lip fillers and injectable treatments are especially prevalent in popular culture, with audiences of all ages attributing the surge in popularity to famous icons - most notably Kylie Jenner. While there is a stigma around lip fillers, the truth is, injectables are incredibly popular among patients everywhere. In fact, Colorado Beauty RN’s very own Jenny Garland swears by them!

When administered by an experienced, knowledgeable and caring injector, lip treatments can be customized to suit your needs - whether conservative or dramatic - while delivering a natural-looking result.

When to Start Considering Lip Injections

Many women and men hold back on receiving injections because they feel they may be too old, too young, or otherwise “not right” for the treatment. In reality, procedures like lip injections don’t really have age limits (although users must be 21 years of age or older). Allergan products like Juvéderm® are an excellent choice because they offer a variety of fillers that range in firmness to help customize the approach and deliver targeted treatments to patients of all ages.

If you are unhappy with the current appearance of your lips, a qualified aesthetic nurse can help! The ideal time to start considering lip injections is not at a certain age, but rather at a stage in your life where you feel you want to enhance your appearance! For some, lip fillers can be an ideal solution earlier in life to correct naturally thin lips or achieve symmetry in the fullness or shape of the lips. To achieve this goal, a malleable filler like Volbella is an excellent option. This solution is slightly softer than Juvéderm®’s other products, allowing for a more subtle and supple finish.

Using half a syringe of Volbella, Jenny helped this patient achieve a subtle and natural-looking result.

Using half a syringe of Volbella, Jenny helped this patient achieve a subtle and natural-looking result.

Other patients may find that they have lost depth or fullness in their lips later in their adulthood, perhaps due to weight fluctuations or inevitable side-effects of aging. Even men and women nearing middle-age or older can benefit from reducing fine lines and sagging skin around the lips. (In these cases, we might recommend a firmer lip filler or Botox.)

What To Know Before Your First Treatment

There’s a first time for everything, and we understand that first times can be a little awkward for some people. Even your first lip filler experience can seem overwhelming if you’re not sure what to expect. Finding a nurse that you are comfortable with, who answers all your questions clearly, and is respectful of your aesthetic desires can make all the difference and help ensure you enjoy your experience. This is why it’s important to carefully research your injector and never settle for someone that is offering cheap products or doesn’t have the necessary tools (like dissolving enzymes in case of emergencies)!

In this video, Jenny offers a Beauty Bite on lip fillers and answers many questions you may have never thought to ask!

These tips can help ease first-time jitters and give you practical advice to follow before EVERY treatment:

  • Bring a picture or descriptive reference. Quite literally speaking, this helps to give a visual representation of what you are trying to achieve.

  • Have realistic expectations. If you have naturally thin or small lips, a lot of filler will be noticeable. Prepare for a process, where you gradually improve lip fullness.

  • Plan for swelling or bruising. It’s almost inevitable, but avoiding aspirin and blood thinners and taking arnica tablets for at least a week before your appointment can help reduce this risk.

  • Avoid half-syringes (unless they come that way). The risk of bacteria is not worth it!

  • Be patient! You will see improvements over time - and be prepared to schedule a follow-up.

  • Schedule around your social calendar! Plan accordingly so you can ensure snap-worthy pictures during special occasions.

Be Bold and Beautiful With Luscious Lips!

This patient received Juvéderm® lip fillers for a more dramatic enhancement.

This patient received Juvéderm® lip fillers for a more dramatic enhancement.

Believe it or not, beautiful, fuller lips can be achieved without compromising your appearance or settling for unnatural “duck lips”. Our fillers are strategically placed within or around the lips and mouth to improve the overall appearance. We can even use the remaining filler in other areas of the face to help reduce lines or sunken areas! Plus, our practice uses only FDA-approved products and we never administer more than one syringe of lip filler at a time to help ensure patients leave with natural-looking results.

Jenny Garland, RN BSN, understands how empowering it feels to have luscious lips that enhance your natural appearance, which is why she offers high-end lip filler treatments at our Castle Rock facility. Colorado Beauty RN has been ranked in the top 15% of practices in the nation for Botox and Filler (with Allergan) and is proud to offer our services to men and women in the Denver area. Plus, Beauty Squad Members are eligible to receive up to $50 off each syringe of filler! Schedule an appointment online today!