It's Time to Switch to Medical Grade Skin Care

Image Source:  FreePik

Image Source: FreePik

Remember when your skin stood strong against all sorts of products that would leave you dry, cracked, and acne-ridden today? These days, it seems like you need a special product for every occasion, just to help keep your skin hydrated and healthy. Ultimately, however, it comes down to quality over quantity! Rather than trusting your good ole’ fashioned bar of soap for everything from face wash to shampoo (or going crazy on tons of different drug store products), dermatologists recommend investing in a high-quality skincare line, ideally of medical grade.


It’s simple - medical-grade products can help deliver a bigger percentage of blemish-fighting and age-defying ingredients that you might not get in a drug store or beauty brand product.

Why You Should Make the Switch

While there are plenty of good products lining the shelves of your local drugstore, for many patients, they find that they just don’t do the trick. Loading up on different, low-cost creams and cleansers can help for a little while, but you won’t see results quickly. Plus, you risk exposing your skin to other harmful ingredients!

Many high-end beauty brands also offer extensive lines of skincare products, some of which can deliver great results after dedicated long-term use! In fact, Jenny Garland, our resident nurse practitioner (and beauty guru!), often recommends products from lines like Sephora to help accentuate a recent procedure. However, for patients looking to see serious improvements in their skin, a high concentration of enhancing ingredients is recommended for an effective stand-alone product.

The Important of Ingredients

Image Source:  FreePik

Image Source: FreePik

If you are struggling with acne or signs of aging, for example, you might try looking for a cleanser or serum with ingredients like retinol, salicylic acid, or hyaluronic acid. While you’ll certainly find products available that can help target your specific skincare needs, the lower percentage of these ingredients just won’t offer the same level of results as medical-grade.

Over-the-counter cosmetics must be regulated for consumer use to lower the risk of improper use. This means they generally have less of these important elements like hyaluronic acid and retinol. Medical-grade products, on the other hand, use highly stabilized ingredients that, on average, take longer to deteriorate (which means they last longer, so less refills - score!). Plus, many of these products incorporate highly sophisticated techniques to help break down the products and maximize their benefits.

Trust the Experts

As many dermatologists will agree, the reason why these products are superior is that they use carefully regulated ingredients to tackle a certain skin impurity or issue. The components are chosen under a physicians direction to maximize the intended effect and often incorporate other enhancing ingredients that boost collagen, elasticity, and shine in the skin.

Even drug store and beauty products should be discussed with a dermatologist to help ensure you are using the correct products for your skin type and needs. The right products can accentuate your angles and enhance your appearance while minimizing impurities and imperfections in the skin - so it’s important to get it right!

Invest in Yourself

Image Source:  FreePik

Image Source: FreePik

In many cases, the deciding factor often comes down to the cost vs the quality. Many patients are skeptical that medical-grade products are any better than well-known brands found at the mall or drug store. For some, these products help deliver beautiful results that they absolutely love - which is great! However, for other patients, who need products with deep penetrating ingredients that help target the issues that cause common skin conditions, this might just not be enough.

The cost for some products may be greater, because they are using a higher concentration of medical ingredients, and must be distributed by authorized parties. Skincare products are generally meant to be used repeatedly, which can mean lots of trips to the drug store. In many cases, products with a greater concentration of skin-enhancing elements can mean less is needed to achieve the desired results. If you do the math, that generally means you could end up saving by purchasing higher quality products!

Healthy is Beautiful

Ultimately, great skin is an investment! It can be your most powerful accessory and you deserve to look and feel radiant. Taking care of your skin can help you to treat issues like dry skin, acne, and oil build-up. You can also help to slow down the signs of aging by preserving its integrity with products that introduce hydrating ingredients into your skin to prevent wrinkles and sagging!

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